The Bank’s greatest asset is its team. Our market leadership includes experienced bankers who are committed to being a part of the communities we serve, and our executive management boasts more than 125 years of combined financial services and community banking experience.

Mark Merrill Chairman & CEO

Daniel M. Harrington Vice Chairman

Jack Infield President

Eric Kraytz VP Corporate Banking

Travis Corkery VP Residential Lending

Jerilinn Stewart Executive Assistant

Cindy Conron AVP Retail Banking Manager

Kevin Albrigo Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer

Penny Bladich Executive Vice President, Chief Lending Officer

Sushil Clarence Executive Vice President, Chief Banking Officer

Richard Horn Executive Vice President, General Counsel

John Hunter Executive Vice President, Chief Credit Officer

Mindi McClure Executive Vice President

Howard Stein Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Lilah Yosufy Executive Vice President, Managing Director of Business Development

Jim Abdo Director

Brian Athey Director

Jennifer Bognet Director

Jacob Corman III Director

Senator Corman serves as Majority Leader of the State Senate, the second highest-ranking position in Senate leadership. It’s a position which he was first elected to by his colleagues in 2015. As Majority Leader, Senator Corman sets the legislative agenda, develops policies and strategies for the Senate Republican Caucus, and chairs the Senate Rules and Executive Nominations Committee.  He also plays a major role in negotiating issues with the Administration and House of Representatives as well as supervising action on the Senate floor.

From 2009 to 2015, Senator Corman served as Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, which reviews all legislation for its fiscal impact and plays a crucial role in developing the state budget. The Senator’s hands-on experience in state and federal government has made him one of the General Assembly’s foremost authorities on public policy and fiscal issues.

Senator Corman has been a leader in addressing issues greatly impacting the Commonwealth.  In 2017, Senator Corman prime sponsored Senate Bill 1, legislation to overhaul and modernize Pennsylvania’s pension system and limit future financial risks for taxpayers. Act 5 has been hailed nationally as “one of the most comprehensive and impactful reforms any state has implemented” and a catalyst for the “biggest turnaround in contribution adequacy nationwide.” 

In 2013, Senator Corman introduced and pressed for passage of the Endowment Act, which reversed NCAA sanctions against Penn State and directed $60 million to be used in Pennsylvania to help victims of child sexual abuse.  To date, the act has served to directly impact tens of thousands children and adult survivors of child sexual abuse.   These efforts also included the establishment of programs to bring sex abuse education training to elementary schools across the Commonwealth. 

The state’s largest transportation investment in Commonwealth history also was introduced by Senator Corman and guided to passage in 2013. The legislation’s impact reached every resident of the Commonwealth, enabling the state to repair and replace unsafe roads and aging bridges as well as undertake construction projects in congested areas and improve ports, rail lines and mass transit systems. 

Most recently, Senator Corman introduced a bill that would become the Timothy J. Piazza Anti-Hazing Law (Senate Bill 1090) – a comprehensive plan to strengthen anti-hazing laws nationwide by emphasizing prevention, enforcement and transparency. Act 80 increases penalties for those involved in hazing; requires schools to have policies and reporting procedures in place to stop hazing; ensures that parents and students are provided with information related to the issue; and creates safe harbor provisions so students know they can call for help without fear of prosecution.

Senator Corman continues to advocate for ways to develop Pennsylvania’s workforce, strengthen the state’s economy and improve the state’s education system at all levels. His steadfast commitment to revitalizing business and industry in the Commonwealth has resulted in the creation of new jobs and opportunities for Pennsylvania workers.

 Senator Corman obtained an Associate Degree in Communications from the Pennsylvania College of Technology and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Pennsylvania State University. He is married to Kelli Corman. They are the parents of three children – Isabella, Davis and Jacob. The Corman family resides in Bellefonte, Centre County.


Joseph J. DiPasquale Director

Ambrish Gupta Director

Robert C. Hubbell Director

David W. Levy Director

Mindi H. McClure Executive Vice President

Alfred H. Moses Director

Mayur N. Patel Director

Robert E. Poole, Jr. Director

William G. Reilly Director

William H. Shawn Director

Anthony Williams Director

Wesley Yuan Director